Why Quality Matters?

The importance of translation is increasingly felt today because language has permeated all aspects of human life.


The border between countries has been taken down by translation.

  • Thanks to translation, the communication between societies has become broadened as well. One of the most important types of translation is Farsi to English translation, which dear Persian speakers abroad find themselves regularly in need of.

What is important in translation is to be fluent and reliable

  • As well as to preserve the original text. For this reason, one cannot expect fluent and comprehensible text translation in translated works by translation software or without proficiency in translation techniques. Human translation provides an understanding of the text, and the final output is a natural and standard text that conveys perfect meaning. Farsipro translators, with their experience and expertise in various fields, complete the project specifically related to your needs and pay special attention to the accuracy of the translation.

  • Quality translation is finding the closest equivalent in the target language for the translated material. That is, translating consists of reproducing in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the source language message, first in terms of meaning and second in terms of style. Translation should be done by preserving the characteristics of the original text and choice of vocabulary, as much as the source language permits, so that the translation is not strange and far from the mind.

  • On the other hand, translators have a legal and ethical duty to fully protect the confidentiality of your information. By adhering to Canada’s confidential information and ethical and professional obligations, including impartiality, competency, and complete accuracy, faithfulness to the texts, and professional interactions with our customers, in Farsipro we are committed to provide excellent quality, fair price, and confidentiality.
We are always so proud of everyone on our wonderful team
Who help to ensure that CTS LanguageLink's service is of the very highest standard! We want to take this opportunity to let you know that your personal commitment to excellence and quality service was definitely noticed! YOU ASSISTED: Downtown Emergency Service Center.
Downtown Emergency Service Center.
“The Interpreter went above and beyond helping them with their client. He was very patient, extremely helpful and worked with them and their client well. He helped them out with many long calls in the last month, and she wanted to ensure that he was properly acknowledged for that.” We applaud you and the exceptional job that you are doing - just wanted to let you know!
CTS LanguageLink
I cannot say thank you enough for the experience I had with Mario Mahyar Salimi as my Farsi interpreter
Mr. Salimi was kind, friendly, went over and above to assist me with using terms that would easily translate so I could explain something difficult to my customer, and also had unlimited patience and professionalism in his role. I would choose Mr. Salimi on every call if I could. My customer was also impressed with Mr. Salimi’s services and said she would like him to interpret all of her calls in the future. Thank you so much for your assistance! You made this difficult transaction as smooth as it could be and helped me gain my customer’s trust in the way you interpreted for us. Please give Mr. Salimi 100 gold stars. Mr. Salimi is great at this!
Mélida Fernández-Gómez
LLS Quality Assurance Director
I sent various documents to Mr. Salimi to translate.
He worked hard in the shortest possible time with great care, he was well organized, and of course a fair rate. Hana Ehsani
Hana Ehsani